Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

Links Your Heart

with Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
Sun Moon Lake is not only the most famous resort in Taiwan but also well known internationally. Any time you visit the lake will find the charming scenery of lake in different beauties. The lake surrounded by mountains of which it mirrors. And behind the mountain is Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village which links the lake with Sun Moon Lake ropeway.
Thus Sun Moon Lake is the cream of Taiwan to visit while the F.A.V.C. is the flower of the Lake area that one should never be missed.

Amusement Isle

Tucked amongst shade trees, between European Garden and the Aboriginal Village Park, is a haven for seekers of thrills and pure fun. Amusement Isle sports a wide variety of amusement rides imported from Europe and the United States. For the most adventurous, may we recommend UFO Gyro Drop, Maya Adventure roller coaster, Gold Mine Adventure, or, perhaps, Future World. For younger and less adventurous, we offer many rides and attractions, including Aladdin Pavilion and Culture Square. Amusement Isle has enough to keep visitors of all age groups happy for hours on end.

UFO & Maya Adventure

Take the highest, 85 meters, free fall in Taiwan. Experience the exhilaration of gyro up and sudden drop. You would be like an astronaut flying an UFO into the maya districts. Take the suspended roller coaster that would have made Montezuma quiver in his sandals (had he known about it, of course). A ride that simply must be experienced, Maya Adventure ride rises to 33 meters (about 11 stories) and runs a full 740 meters long (give or take a few 360 degree loops). Passengers taking up the challenge will thrill to 4.5 G-force. Look out below! Those preferring to watch others take the ride can still revel in the exotic feel and flavors of the Mayan and Mexican villages set up in this theme area.

Gold Mine Adventure

Gold Mine water adventure ride was designed and manufactured in Germany exclusively for Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. The ride features tunnels, scenes of miners sifting for gold along the riverbank and two exciting falls. Hold on to your hat! The ride is a perennial favorite of families and visitors of all ages.

Caribbean Splash

Caribbean Splash is the latest and biggest water coaster of the park new open in 2008. Going aboard and experiencing an adventurous forward and backward ride. The thrilling ride will race down into the water from 30 meters high, have a super splash and bring you an unforgettable adventure.

Aladdin Pavilion

Aladdin Pavilion is amusement central for kids of all ages. The pavilion features all its attractions under one roof, making it the cool place to beat the heat or dodge raindrops. With the ornate façade of an Arabian palace, indoors, the spacious Aladdin Pavilion houses many major rides, including Space Mountain, a double-decker Italian merry-go-round, Jurassic Cruise, Pirate Boat, Monorail and Royal Train. Guaranteed to take years off, as you enjoy those rides you love most as a child.

Culture Square

Culture Square stands at the entrance to Amusement Isle. Designed as a multi-purpose hall, the Square features daily aboriginal music and dance performances, educational activities, and demonstrations of traditional craft making. The Village gift shop is also located here at both sides of the Square. Be sure to note the native Taiwan décor, including authentic aboriginal sculpture, which graces Culture Square.

European Palace Garden

Promenade through European Gardens

The European Garden area is a well-manicured feast for the senses. Sprawling over 15 acres, the gardens invite visitors to enjoy a profusion of flowers and plants. The stately Roman Fountain serves as the Garden's centerpiece while other items, including a reconstructed Baroque bell tower, are artfully placed around the grounds. The Ritz Palace restaurant, a true reflection of European refinement and taste, stands at the far end of the garden. This area well deserves its reputation as the finest European-style garden on Taiwan.