Movement of Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Festival in the Village

February is when cherry blossoms are in full bloom and more than3000 重瓣山櫻花 (Multiple Petals Flowering Cherry) in the Village dance with wind. They make the mountains red and display their shyness in spring wind. In every February, Cherry Blossom Festival has become one of the most important cherry blossom viewing activities in Taiwan. The cherries in the Village is 重瓣緋寒櫻 (Multiple Petals Taiwan Cherry), also named 九族百重櫻 (Peony Cherry). With full color, cherry blossoms usually make the trees scarlet when in full blossom. The road becomes beautiful cherry path. Walking through the path during the time of cherry blossoms viewing, gently touched by spring wind and petals of the cherry flowers, one always gets a feeling of happiness. The most special is to view the cherry blossoms at night. The flowers are worn romantic and colorful dresses. The Village uses a technique called "light carving" and an anfractuous path is created by lights with different brightness and colors. It not only makes viewing cheery blossoms at night possible, but also presents another wonderful performance combined with lights and sounds and leads the visitors to a mystic world.