Admission Information

Admission Fee


Tickets Individual Group Parking
Adult NT$850 NT$750 Bus / Car NT$100
motobike NT$20
Student NT$750 NT$650
Primary NT$650 NT$550
Elder/ Disabled /Kid/Preg. NT$420 NT$420


  • Adult tickets:The ticket is applicable for all adults.
  • Student tickets:The ticket is for high school and college student, with student ID.
  • Children tickets:The ticket is for elementary school student (under 12 years old). When ID is not available, ticket applies to child who is taller than 120cm but shorter than 150cm.
  • Elder/ Disabled/ Kid/ Preg. tickets:The ticket is for senior citizens who are older than 65(included), pregnant, disabled and children between 3 to 6 years old (When child's ID is not available, ticket applies to child who is taller than 100cm but shorter than 120cm)
  • Group ticket:The ticket is for a group of 20 people or more and come to park with a bus (please reserve by phone one day before the arrived date). Different group tickets are also available according to above mentioned conditions.
  • The purchasing of student, children and elder/ disabled / kid/ preg. ticket needs to provide IDs or certificates.
  • Child who is shorter than 100 cm or under 3 years old needs to provide ID or certificate and be accompanied by a ticketed adult to enter the park for free of charge. According to the regulations of Tourism Bureau, the proportion of caregivers to children, less than 3 years old, should be no more than ratio of 1:3. For child who needs special care, the proportion of a ticketed adult to children is 1:1.
  • The admission tickets include park entrance, the use of all attractions and shows in the park but food, drinks and merchandises.
  • Only accept Citizen's Travel Card. No Credit cards.
  • Sun Moon Lake Ropeway ride is a gift for admission of FACV. However, we reserve the right of presenting the gift or not and would not compensate for any lose due to the close of ropeway for whatever reason.
  • Parking fee is for cleaning and maintaining the parking lots. Cars, accessories of the cars and goods in the cars are not in our custody. Please do not leave valuables in your car. Thanks for your understanding.

Operating hours

  • Hours of tickets booth
  • Weekdays / 09:30-15:00  Weekends / 09:30-15:00
    Hours of ticket may be extended during the Chinese New Year
  • Hours of operation :
  • Weekdays / 09:30-17:00  Weekends / 09:30- 17:30
    We are open every day of the year. Operation hours may be extended during cherry blossom festival in February.

Attraction 0peration

Day Spainsh
Sun Moon Lake
UFO Wild Raft Ride Gold Mine
Maya Adventure
Other Attration
Weekdays 10:00-12:00
10:30-16:00 10:00-12:30
09:30-17:00 09:30-17:00
Holiday 10:00-12:00
10:00-16:30 10:00-12:30
09:30-17:30 09:30-17:30


  • Show time are subject to change on the basis of weather condition or other inescapable factors.
  • Please see the notices placed in the entrance at site.
Times Naruwan Theatre Formosan Aborigines
Square --- Ritual Theatre
Culture Square
Pestle Music 
Market Square Bunon Saisiya
11:20 16:20 10:50(Weekend)
16:25 15:40 16:00


  • Attractions availability and show times are subject to change or close based on the factors of weather, maintenance or others. Guests are advised to attend the notice displayed at the entrance.
  • No one is admitted to carry any illegal or hazardous object into the Park. There is no camping area in the park, please do not cook or barbecue in any place of the park.
  • Please see ride safety signs or ride restriction details at entrance of the rides. We thank you for your kindly cooperation to follow the instruction of the operators at site.
  • Seating for every attraction will be available on the first come first serve basis.
  • Passengers are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke during any ride.
  • Children under age five must be accompanied by adult to take any ride.
  • The cabinets around the facilities are for your temporary convenience only. Do not leave your valuables in it. Or, please use the coin lockers.
  • We need your help to keep all the exhibitions and horticulture against injury by picking or breaking.
  • Any commercial photo or video taking should be permitted with prior authorization only.
  • Vistors are insured for public accidents that occur on any of the area in this Park. Please ask our staffs nearby for mediacal assistace or ring 049-2899445.
  • Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is an extra gift of the admission of FACV. We reserve the right of presenting this ride or not and would not compensate any in case the ropeway is closed for whatever reason.