About Us

Our Roots

The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village was founded in 1986 by its current president, Jung-i Chang. Mr.Chang's vision was to establish a place to both preserve and teach about Taiwanese aboriginal heritagewhile, at the same time, provide a spacious venue for people to spend and enjoy their leisure time. The history of his family has long been intertwined with those of Taiwanese native aborigine cultures. It was his ownancestor, Da-ching Chang, who negotiated with local tribal representatives to open to cultivation the area around modern Feng-Yuan for Chinese settlers.

Mr. Chang purchased in 1982 the land on which Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village now stands.After four years of construction work,the Village open to public in July 1986.

A Multifaceted, Fun-Filled Theme Park

Since first opening in July 1986, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village earned renown for its popular theme area introducing Taiwanese aboriginal culture and for its lush forest and beautiful European Garden. An amusement park and other entertainment attractions have been added to the Village since 1992. Today, the large numbers of completed attractions ensure the position of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village as a highly competitive and leading edge theme park in Taiwan. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village has worked consistently and successfully to upgrade its services and facilities. Such efforts have won numerous honors for the Village, including "Premium Award theme park", from government tourism bureau.

A Flower amongst the Mountains

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village presently comprises three main theme areas: Aboriginal Village Park; Amusement Isle; and European Garden. The entire Village covers 62 hectares (1,550 acres) and is chock full of sights and attractions to satisfy the whole family.