Live Shows / Traditional Cuisine

The Beauty and Pageantry of Aboriginal Dance and Song

The splendid aboriginal folk dance show at Naruwan Theatre is one of the most popular programs at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. All show performers are native aborigines who, in addition to performing traditional dances representative of Taiwan's nine tribes, also invite members of the audience to participate in on-stage activities. Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village has a number of venues for live stage performances. In addition to Naruwan Theater, which is dedicated to aboriginal performance, we also have the Pestle Music Theatre for performances of traditional aboriginal instruments, the Culture Square for the welcome and farewell show. All are must-sees for your day at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

A Feast for All Tastes

A wide variety of meals and snacks are available in the park. Visitors have nine restaurants from which to choose including the Ritz Palace Restaurant, with seating capacity for 800, for Chinese food, the Maya Restaurant for Mexican food, the Gold Mine Restaurant for Western delectables, the Lupit Burgers Shop for fast food, Aladdin Plaza Café for snacks, and Mushroom Cottage for Taiwanese food at budget prices. Also, you will find traditional aboriginal delicacies offered at a number of locations in the Aboriginal Village area. Each provides a treat for the taste buds and an experience to be remembered.